The Global School

for Leaders in Sustainability, Social Innovation & Climate Action

Since 2010, Vienna, Austria & Berlin, Germany

 Who are we?

The Global School for Social Leaders is a multi-awarded NGO based in Vienna, Austria. We design and provide executive education for businesses, governments & organizations.

Our 3 main areas of expertise are Sustainability, Social Innovation & Leadership.

Every year since 2010, we receive leaders from around the world in Central Europe who join our high-level educational programs, equipping them with the most powerful tools, knowledge, resources and global partnerships.

 A new generation of purpose-driven leaders.

The best is the connnection

The best of this experience is not only to be around the coaches and mentors but the entrepreneurs who are here sharing their dreams.

Gabriel Ekman - Sweden


Sebastian - theglobal.schoo

The experience has been very enlightening and inspirational, recommended for those who are willing to challenge the status quo

Sebastian Baayel - Ghana
African Entrepreneurship and Innovation Centre


Thanks for all the tools, but above all for the remarkable change-makers who I can call now my friends

Natalia Lever - Mexico

Well prepared

Inspiring presentations, well prepared, insightful, interactive and easy to work with.

Liana Taylor - Germany