The Global School for Social Leaders

We are a multi-awarded NGO specialized in disruptive and holistic education for the new generation of global social leaders.



Why we do it?

We believe in a world where creativity, freedom, love for nature and personal responsibility with our planet, FLOURISH.


However, we acknowledge that despite humanity strong steps forward, many regions of the planet still suffer symptoms such as poverty, environmental collapse, conflicts, violence, corruption or inequality.


The current solutions are often built with pre-made structural defaults and problems, which caused many of our current problems in the first place, a new vision in old skin. They insist on a systemic change rather than individual, but we are convinced that you can not have one without the other. 


How can we understand and face our challenges as Humanity?


We are truly convinced that through UNIQUE AND HOLISTIC LIFE-EXPERIENCES, we can raise from INSIDE-OUT the new generation of Global Social Leaders.

Our Agenda

How we do it?

The Global School for Social Leaders programs are unique life experiences that allow you to connect with yourself, what surrounds you, and others; Unique life experiences aim to develop and boost your talents and human values, and get inspired to become a Global Social Leader who triggers positive and meaningul action.


Every program is built from a holistic approach where we connect MIND, SOUL and BODY, as the wholeness of your development as a true leader: professionally, personally and socially. Regardless background, any person can join The Global School for Social Leaders programs

Where we do it?

Spring: Barcelona, Spain

Summer: Vienna, Austria.

And around the world with branches popping up.

Interested in starting a Global School in your city? send us email:

Our Team

GLOBAL, multidisciplinary, purpose & impact driven, creative, and above all, personally committed to shaping a better world.


There is not a secret formula but OUR TEAM, that make us a UNIQUE AND RECOGNIZED global NGO.

Crepin Gontran

Johanna Syrch

Vanessa Klees

Vu Dieu Thuy

Kevin Kaiser

Here is your place. Our openings and summer internships are posted on Instagram

Meet Roberto Arrucha

Founder of The Global School for Social Leaders
Nice to meet you
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