The Global School for Social Leaders is a multi-awarded NGO specialized in holistic & disruptive education for the new generation of global social leaders.


Since 2010, we raise and connect global social leaders in emerging countries in collaboration with international organizations like the United Nations.

With more than 15 years of experience in global education, our model generates more than € 80,000 euros per year from contributions, global programs, international funds, consulting and events.

Our franchisees are managed by leaders who:

a) Are committed beyond economic development, but in a holistic development of the humanity.
b) With verifiable community leadership experience.
c) Willing to develop their skills in a global sphere of action.

Having a representation of The Global School in your city is.


In order to analyze your eligibility, kindly contact us through E-mail:

Humanist World Foundation

A case of Success

Humanist World Foundation is a global NGO aiming to recognize leaders that contribute to the development of Humanity.

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Its network of distributors throughout Mexico is an important pillar of its success. They are more than sellers, they are leaders who identify with the values of health and social progress in Mexico.

The Humanist World Foundation annually receives SCHOLARSHIPS TheGlobal.School for its most prominent distributors, in addition, the “Social Innovation Trust” certificate from TheGlobal.School, which internationally certifies The Humanist World Foundation as a socially responsible company.

As a sponsor of TheGlobal.School, in addition to training its leaders throughout its distribution chain, it has given access to international markets, summits, forums and global allies.

Andrés Bello Catholic University

Case Study

The UCAB joins TheGlobal.School as an ally in order to send its best students and scholars to an annual trip to participate in TheGlobal.School programs.

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As part of the international curriculum, the UCAB incorporates TheGlobal.School programs into its curriculum, not only as an incentive for its most outstanding students, but also for its academic body.

UCAB receives 100% TheGlobal.School scholarships, round trip, insurance, lodging, and maintenance costs for group leaders participating in TheGlobal.School programs.

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Every year, we pick a selected number of allies aligned with our values, and committed to raising a new generations of social leaders.