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February 2020

Letter to humanity from 2050

This week looking for interesting readings, we find this piece that has motivated us to publish in our blog, the author

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How Civil Society Action Led to Fairer Taxation in Mexico

In October 2019, following a landmark legal case, Mexico’s tax administration was forced to publish information on almost every case of tax rebate

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December 2019

We need a new story about economics: Doughnut Economics

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November 2019

Can we build public trust by sharing power? This game could

The Centre for Public Impact (CPI) use the mechanics of a card game to explore how the rules of power within government

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October 2019

Journey with the Indigenous of Brazil

Our Online Learning Journey for

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The battle against inequality starts in Mexico

Last month 195 world leaders once again met in New York for big speeches and grand events But on inequality, when all

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September 2019

A message for Greta haters

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7 reasons why we love Vienna

Vienna is known as the capital of classical music, coffee houses and for 2nd year in a row the capital of quality

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July 2019

Do Leaders need Digital Minimalism?

Usually, when I pick a book from the shelf at the bookstore, I feel excited It’s that excitement where you know

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June 2019

Mexico announces a plan to tackle climate refugees and migration

The Secretary of Foreign Affairs of Mexico, Marcelo Ebrard,

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May 2019

The youth who is changing the world

A bright generation of teens and young activists is emerging Here at The Global School for Social Leaders would like to

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Five Lessons From Extinction Rebellion

How the new movement for ecological justice is reimagining the world by reimagining the art of protest, protection and healing

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March 2020

Act Fast and Do Whatever It Takes

Leading economists’ recommendations for business support during COVID-19   As governments around the world

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Will the Coronavirus help humanity survive the environmental crisis?

5 ways coronavirus could help humanity survive the ecological crisis This pandemic is a further wake up

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The COVID-19

Pandemic  It goes without saying that the mess our world is in right now is

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Is remote work a real solution?

A crisis is always an opportunity, and I love the entrepreneurship spirit before a crisis, disruptors become lifesavers and visionaries, but there

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April 2020

Saudi Arabia’s clear response to the coronavirus outbreak is in stark contrast to the West

Saudi Arabia’s bold, swift response to COVID-19 is a lesson to western countries, and means that there are

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