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Can women lead an army?

Germany's defence minister Christine Lambrecht has finally resigned ending a controversial 13-month. Lambrecht's resignation comes as Germany continues to be under European pressure to provide Ukraine with its advanced leopard two tanks, but Chancellor Olaf Schulz has...

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The holy land is ready for tourism

We are honoured to extend you this invitation to become our special guest in our event “Holy-Land Recovery Program” to be held the following 22nd of September, 2021 at 16:00 CET. The event aims at connecting the best touristic providers across the Holy Land, with...

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Who is Arora Akanksha?

We are selecting 5 leaders to join live this Friday 7th, and ask Arora your toughest questions, click here from your phone to send us a WhatsApp. * Arora Akanksha has worked at the United Nations as an auditor recruited from an accounting firm. She is 34-years...

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How to Live a Sustainable Lifestyle

It means helping everyone who makes day-to-day decisions to be more environmentally friendly. According to Google Trends, in the last 90 days, search interest in "How to Live a Sustainable Lifestyle" has increased by more than 4,550%. As many of us find our new normal...

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The best of 2020: Purpose-Driven Stories

More and more people are choosing Purpose-Driven Stories. This year, COVID-19 brought many days of isolation, which allowed us to rethink our purpose, goals, projects, and in general our life. This year was also the year of Climate Movements. Synch with this trend, we...

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Why cultural transformation is so important nowadays?

The world today is not the same as before as a result of a variety of factors and the intense effect of covid 19. Also, organizations have had external factors that have shaped their culture and performance. Some organisations have obtained great results and others...

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Must Read

The Global Covid-19 System Crisis

Could the global outreach of Covid-19 lead to the next major shock to the Global System? This was the question I asked myself in January while observing the developments as regards the Covid-19 outbreak in Wuhan, China. Later on, I published an article claiming that...

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Letter to humanity from 2050

This week looking for interesting readings, we find this piece that has motivated us to publish in our blog, the author Christiana Figueres, Former Executive Secretary of the Convention on Climate Change of the United Nations, Founding Partner of Global Optimism,...

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Doughnut Economics, Regenerative Economy

I spent the last few days in the mountains celebrating X-MAS with my dear ones and while relaxing I finally managed to read one of the best books I have read in ages- " Doughnut Economics " by Kate Raworth. I wanted to take some time offline but I have to share this...

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Journey with the Indigenous of Brazil

Our Online Learning Journey for Earth in Solidarity with Indigenous Screenshot taken during our second session: This document is an artifact, harvested from the digital learning journey that ran in sync with the Cobra Canoa...

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Podcast: Inspiring Leadership