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Sustainability Transformation is a 12 trillion USD business opportunity, and the most powerful way to save our planet.

The Global School Consultants



Get Support, tips, and resources to design and deliver high-quality consulting & education. 

Your consultant website: Highlight your profile at The Global School for Social Leaders. 

Connect with consultants around the world working in sustainability, social innovation and climate justice.

Global Consultants - Alexis Del Rio


Reach an audience of +100,000 people *

Produce Professional Content: Video, Photo, Articles, & Podcast.

Promotion through Newsletter, Press, Partners & Social Media.

Become a Speaker at The Global Leadership Summits.

 Publish your Articles at our Blog: People, Purpose & Planet.  

* More details about our audience on FAQ section below.

The Global School Consultants


 Productivity Tools: Calendar, Project & Tasks Management.

  Your Services Webpage. E.g: YourBrand.com

Sales CRM:  Your Virtual Secretary, Booking & Meeting Forms, Deals, Sales Funnels, Clients, Invoices, and more.

 E-Mail Marketing: Send 10,000 Mails / Month.

Consultants & Trainers Marketing



Online Consulting & Learning tools:

   – Mural.co: Digital flip-charts for online consulting.

   Zoom Access account: For online lessons & presentations.

 Forms: For tests, quizzes and satisfaction questionaries. 

 Professional E-Mail: yourname@theglobal.school (Optional).



The Experience has been enlightening and inspirational, I recommended…

Sebastian Baayel - Ghana

Founder, African Entrepreneurship Centre

  • More Productivity & Focus 50% 50%
  • Better Online Presence 40% 40%
  • Effective Digitalisation 60% 60%

Thanks for the tools and the great network of change-makers who now I call my friends…

Natalia Lever - Mexico

Director, The Climate Reality Project Latam

  • More Potential Clients 70% 70%
  • More New Contacts 40% 40%
  • Improve E-Mail Deliverability 40% 40%

A purpose-driven network of Leaders is so relevant in today´s digital world.

Alexis del Rio - Austria

Director, Del Rio Consulting

  • Improve Personal Branding 100% 100%
  • More International Opportunities 80% 80%
  • More Work Satisfaction & Purpose 70% 70%

 Who are we?

We are a multi-awarded NGO with headquarters in Vienna, Austria, specialised in purpose-driven consulting and education.


More than 100,000 leaders

around the world trust us.

More Benefits!

Templates of banners, illustrations, testimonies for your webpage and social media ready to customise.

Access to Networking Events and a special seat at our Social Leaders Summit and Social Leaders Awards.

The Global School Stamp & Signature on your Diplomas.

Live Streaming. Start talking to the camera with our powerful tools for live-streaming: Youtube, Twitter & Facebook.

 Google Workspace Tools and Apps with 1 TG storage: Gmail, Slides, Docs, Spreadsheets, Drive, etc.

Support, tips and advice to improve your Personal Branding, Social Media, Live Streaming, Communications, and Consulting Offers.


Who is a purpose-driven consultant?

We welcome Consultants, Coaches, Facilitators, Trainers, and Educators working on:

1. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs),

2. Leadership,

3. Social Innovation,

4. Climate Action.


Is this FREE?

We are non-profit organisation that depends from memberships.

You can enjoy 30 days FREE membership, afterwards, our memberships starts from 1 euro a day. 

1. Your Consultant Profile. Connect with more Consultants around the world.
2. Your Consultant Website. Start offering your services and reach new clients.
3. Support Groups. Tips, Resources, Know-how, all the support you need to improve your consulting services. 
4. Publish at The Global School. Start publishing your articles on our blog and reach our community.
5. Your Content Distributed through our Social Media Channels, Press Release, Partners, Newsletter. 
6. E-Mail Marketing: Send up to 10,000 e-mails.
7. CRM: Manage your Deals, Contacts & Clients. 
8. Booking & Contact Forms. Smart Calendar of Consulting Booking Sessions. 
9. Your own website:  www. yourbrand.com
10. Productivity Tools: Project & Tasks Management.
11. Facilitation Tools: Video-Conferencing, Visual Learning, Mind-Maps, Online Consulting Tools, etc.

And More! Join us now -> https://www.consultants.theglobal.school/

Who is our Audience?

CHANNELS: More than 100,000 purpose-driven leaders.

  • 2 Facebook Pages: 62,167
  • Linkedin: 6,781 Followers. 
  • Instagram: 5,010 Followers. 
  • Twitter: 5,188 Followers. 
  • Newsletter: 10,000 Subscribers.
  • – Youtube & Clubhouse: 300 Followers and growing fast.   



  • 60% Women / 40% Men. 
  • 60% North, Central and South America; 20% West & Central Europe; 10% Rest of the World.
  • 25 – 44 Years Old Concerned about Environment, Inequality, Sustainability. 
  • Pursuing Purpose-Driven Jobs & Careers. 
  • Willing to take action, join movements, and learn new skills. 
How much money is invested in the purpose-driven consulting?

The Sustainable Development Goals are a $12 trillion opportunity for the private sector according to the UNDP report.

The demand for consultants by startups, companies, governments, international org. and investors have skyrocketed all over the world.

In Europe, 290 purpose-driven funds (ESG) were launched last year while in the US, total assets under management in sustainable investments more than doubled from approximately $40billion in 2013 to almost $90billion by the end of 2018, and this growing tendency will continue.

How can I generate income as a purpose-driven consultant?

 The amount is a combination of 

  • 1. Designing the right services and consulting products from your expertise. 
  • 2. Building a powerful marketing campaign. 
  • 3. Delivering a great solution to your clients.

 We at The Global School for Social Leaders maximise your chances for success 

How does it work?

We provide you all-in-one digital infrastructure and strategy, so you can focus 100% on your content & clients:

1. Promotion & Marketing. Reach New Clients.

2. Design better products & services, Work Smarter through Productivity Tools & Project Management.

3. Deliver Memorable experiences. Facilitate memorable, interactive and successful Consulting & Education. 



What other benefits do I have?

1. Connect with experienced consultants around the world. 

2. Access exclusive events featured by The Global School and its international organizations’ partners. 

3. Be the Global School ambassador and spoken person before your national government 

4. Access to international development funds, calls, and opportunities. 



Is this a good investment?

YES. Let us give you 5 reasons:

1. You save money and time with our ALL-IN-ONE solution from an experienced and professional team.

2. We already know the industry. More than 10 years of experience across the world. 

3. Your investment pays off by avoiding the learning curve.

4. Our Marketing Experience has powerful sales-driven data available. 

5. We dedicate our 100% effort, passion & talent to your success. 

Can I access the benefits without joining The Global School?

Yes, if you are a consulting firm with identified needs: 

1. Promotion & Marketing

2. Productivity & Project Management

3. Online Facilitation & Consulting. 


Book a FREE meeting us, click here: https://www.consultants.theglobal.school/solutions/  

Can my Consulting / Academy access TheGlobal.School benefits?

Of course. 

If you are investing in your own brand and name, and want to grow your business, we offer tailored and personalised solutions:

Send us an e-mail to: hello@theglobal.school

Or book a FREE meeting us, click here: https://www.consultants.theglobal.school/solutions/  

What about Data Protection?

All yours and your potential & current clients data are stored in the European Union and our services comply with GDPR and EU laws. 

You own your client’s data, however, our team will have access to it in order to guide you through the best use of it. 

If you finish your membership, you will be able to migrate your data. We will not keep your clients data.