International Certifications & Training



Capacitaciones y Certificaciones Ejecutivas


  • Holistic Leadership Self-Assesment: How can assess my leadership skills and capabilities?
  • Finding your purpose. How can I find and link my personal purpose with the purpose of my project?
  • Innovation Matrix. How can explore problems and possible solutions? 
  • Humanity Development Goals. How can we work with development more holistically?
  • Intervention Frame. What is the best intervention to solve a problem?
  • Social Contract. How can design and model a social innovation project?
  • The Innovation Canvas. How can design and model a innovation project?
Latin American Leaders Awards Vienna Viena


  • Types of Funding. How can I find the best types of funding for my project?
  • Leader Journey. How can I build a movement to solve a problem?
  • The Leader Storytelling. How can I build a powerful and meaningful message for my project?
  • Kite Customer Relationship Management CRM. How can I sell or raise funds for my project?
Latin American Leaders Awards Vienna Viena


  • Team Values. How can I build trust among my stakeholder?
  • Recruitment Venn. How can I attract, keep and communicate with the best team for my project?
  • Productivity Board. How can I work more efficiently if I don´t have a clear work process?
  • OKRs. How can I work more efficiently if I already have a work process?
  • Decision-Making. How can I discuss and make better decisions with my team?
Latin American Leaders Awards Vienna Viena
What is it about?

Training & Certifications for private & public sector professionals and leaders.

Format: Self-paced, On-site and/or On-line.


1. Interactive, gamified and structured programs

2. Holistic: Professional and personal development

3. Personalized and Intensive

4. Tutoring and personalized consulting

5. Practical, focused on real experience.

6. Tools, tips, real cases and exercises

7. Updated to the present world context

8. You are not a student, you are a leader and part of a global network of professionals working on sustainable and human development

How much does it cost?

Training: From 60 euros per/person.

Minimum number of participants: 5.

Maximum number of participants: 20.


International Certifications: From 300 euros per/person

Minimum number of participants: 5.

Maximum number of participants: 20.


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The best is the connnection

The best of this experience is not only to be around the coaches and mentors but the entrepreneurs who are here sharing their dreams.

Gabriel Ekman - Sweden


Sebastian - theglobal.schoo

The experience has been very enlightening and inspirational, recommended for those who are willing to challenge the status quo

Sebastian Baayel - Ghana
African Entrepreneurship and Innovation Centre


Thanks for all the tools, but above all for the remarkable change-makers who I can call now my friends

Natalia Lever - Mexico

Well prepared

Inspiring presentations, well prepared, insightful, interactive and easy to work with.

Liana Taylor - Germany

 meet your instructors  

Alejandro Rodriguez

Alejandro Rodriguez

Alejandro is a transformation and talent consultant at The Global School for Social Leaders.

He was for almost 10 years, Head of Talent and Human Resources at the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries OPEC, at its headquarters in Vienna, Austria.

He is an expert multi-cultural teams management.

Lorena Gómez

Lorena Gómez

Lorena is a consultant in Marketing and Project Design in Sustainable Tourism.

She is a PhD candidate in International Marketing at the University of Vienna, as well as a Master of Science in Applied Corporate Brand Management from Brunel University London.

Noemi Zozaya

Noemi Zozaya

Business Leader, Lawyer and Happypreneur with 19 years of experience at national and global scales supporting Senior Management & Human Resources.

Deserving of the Latin American Leaders Award 2019, at the UN Vienna.

Entrepreneur of the Year 2021, by Emprendedores de México.

Roberto A. Arrucha

Roberto A. Arrucha

Director & Founder at 

The Global School for Social Leaders.

Son of indigenous. For the last 15 years, Roberto has been working with Leaders, Governments & Businesses on the transition toward Sustainable Development. His expertise covers the following:

1. Communication Strategy.

2. B2B Sales & Partnerships.

3. Leadership Development & Education.

I have designed and organised more than 100 conferences, workshops, summits, & courses related to leadership, sustainability & innovation.

I have consulted more than 200 businesses & leaders across ten countries about sustainability development, business opportunities and transformation.


Alexis del Rio

Alexis del Rio

Alexis' passion is to help companies and organizations achieve efficiency, effectiveness, and profit by planning and implementing their digital transformation. 

He worked for the United Nations (Department of Peacekeeping Operations, International Commission against Impunity in Guatemala, Office of the Coordinator of Humanitarian Affairs, Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization), Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, First Data, and DXC Technologies on projects across Asia, Australia, South Pacific, the Middle East, Guatemala, and Europe.

Alexis has a Master of Science of Information Management from Aspen University, a postgraduate studies in Digital Business at Emeritus Institute of Management in collaboration with MIT Sloan Executive Education and Columbia Business School Executive Education, and certified executive coaching from John Mattone University.