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World-class education for public and private sector leaders Since 2010, Vienna, Austria & CDMX, Mexico

Who are we?

We are an award-winning NGO based in Vienna, Austria and CDMX, Mexico, specializing in global education and consulting for public and private sector leaders.

Our community comprises members, alumni, allies, and consultants who are leaders of governments, companies, startups, and NGOs. They join our programs with a mission to access world-class tools, knowledge, resources, networks, and partnerships.

Our programs, such as certifications, workshops, conferences, awards, and trade missions, have been recognized by the Regional Academy of the United Nations, the University of Oxford, and have been awarded by 1MillionStartups in collaboration with the Government of Austria. We have also received hundreds of positive ratings.

The Global School for Social Leaders is an independent, self-funded, non-governmental organization that is not aligned with any political agenda or ideology.

How does the masterclass work?


We invite top public & private sector leaders to host a Masterclass on Leadership & Strategy, where they provide practical skills & best practices on how effectively exercise leadership with effective strategies. 

The Masterclasses are 100% FREE for everyone, as it helps to provide with practical skills to any person who want to develop soft skills.

The Masterclass has the following characteristics:

1. Duration: 45 to 60 mins.

2. Recorded On-line or On-site.

3. Structured:
a) Who are you and what do you do? 5 mins.

b) What is Leadership for you? Any example? 10 mins.

c) How important is Strategy for excecirsing leadership? 10 mins.

d) What are your top 5 leadership advices? 20 mins.

e) What skill-development area would you recommend to any professional leading a project? 10 mins.



Public & Private sector leaders: Directors, Managers, CEOs, Presidents, etc.

Average age: 38 years old.
60% female & 40% male.

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 Why We do it? 


Being a social leader NO longer means founding an NGO or engaging in activism. A social leader is also an entrepreneur or a government that creates well-being and wealth for their community and environment.

Since 2010, we have been committed to strengthening, connecting and recognising a new generation of public and private sector leaders through global, high-level, holistic and disruptive education & consulting.

Our challenges deserve to have leaders equipped with world-class knowledge, tools, network, and a global alliance of peers.

Leaders who share a holistic view of our planet. Leaders committed to a cause, who dare to challenge the status quo and are capable of executing innovative solutions to complex problems.


 How do we do it? 

Social Innovation Box

The Global School for Social Leaders partners with top organisations, companies, & organisations to design & develop word-class programs.

Our programs: Conferences, Workshops, Awards, and Events, offer a unique life experiences that allow you to access knowledge, tools, network, technology, and alliances worldwide. 

Our methodology is built upon 10 years of work experience with leaders around the world.

 Where do we work? 

The Global School Consultants

We are based in Vienna, Austria.

We work mainly with Public and Private Sector Leaders from Emerging Economies:

East of Africa: Kenya y Rwanda.

Asia: India, Vietnam y China.

Latin America: Mexico, Costa Rica y Colombia.

Our Work in numbers

Social Media Community

Alumni & Leaders

Funds raised & invested

Awards & Recognitions

Roberto A. Arrucha

Roberto A. Arrucha

Director & Founder

 A global voice in Sustainability, Leadership & Education. 

Awarded business consultant and social entrepreneur.


Alejandro Rodriguez

Alejandro Rodriguez

Director of Leaders

 30 years working with international consultants

Former Head of HR and Talent at OPEC.

Lorena Gómez

Lorena Gómez

Director of Stratey

Professional with over 15 years of experience in international marketing.

Noemi Zozaya

Noemi Zozaya

Director of Culture

Professional with over 15 years of experience in inclusion, diversity & culture.

Johanna Syrch

Johanna Syrch

Communications & Events


Professional with over 10 years of experience organising and managing international events.

This is your spot.

This is your spot.

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