The Global School for Social Leaders

We connect a new generation of social leaders through disruptive and holistic education.

 11 JUL (NEW) 

Program: Marketing for Social Innovation

Place: Vienna, Austria 

Recommended for: Marketers, Social Entrepreneurs &  Businesses, and NGOs.

 8 AGO (NEW) 

Program: Purpose-Driven Career

Place: Vienna, Austria 

Recommended for: Experienced Professionals & Managers seeking a career shift into an impact-driven one.

 3 DEC 

Program: Cobra Canoa Brazil

Place: Sao Paulo, Brazil

Recommended for: Educators, Environmentalist, Indigenous Rights Advocates, NGOs, Social Entrepreneurs. 

 6 SEP 

Program: Social Innovation Management

Place: Vienna, Austria 

Recommended for: Social Entrepreneurs, NGOs, International Development Practitioners.


 9 APR 2021 

Program: Climate Activist Camp

Place: Spain


Recommended for: Young Climate Activists

A special program in collaboration with Fridays for Future. Stay tuned. 


 9 APR 2021 

Program: Climate Activist Camp

Place: Costa Rica


Recommended for: Senior Climate Activists

A special program in collaboration with Mother Earth Foundation. Stay tuned. 







The Global School for Social Leaders

 is a vibrant community of social leaders and innovators who are shaping systems and designing a new stage in human history,

leaders who are personally, morally and socially comitted to a cause, who dare take brave actions that challenge the status quo.

The best is the connnection

The best of this experience is not only to be around the coaches and mentors but the entrepreneurs who are here sharing their dreams.

Gabriel Ekman - Sweden


The experience has been very enlightening and inspirational, recommended for those who are willing to challenge the status quo

Sebastian Baayel - Ghana
African Entrepreneurship and Innovation Centre


Thanks for all the tools, but above all for the remarkable change-makers who I can call now my friends

Natalia Lever - Mexico

Well prepared

Inspiring presentations, well prepared, insightful, interactive and easy to work with.

Liana Taylor - Germany
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