Cobra Canoa Brazil

December 3rd - 12th. Brazil


We travel through Brazil for 10 days to learn with indigenous communities how to reconnect and regenerate our planet using technology.

 What is included? 


Certified Diploma by The Global School for Social Leaders, Presente!, and Edushifts.

Local transportation in Brazil for all group activities.

Accommodation, breakfast, and dinner throughout the program.

Curated impact travel & activities, and deep personal learning experiences.

Outstanding Visits, Meaningful Networking & Working Material

Join our Global Social Leaders Network, connecting more than 5,000 social leaders across the world. 

 The Program 

15 years working in Education in more than 15 countries and we are certain that the #FutureOfEducation and #FutureOfWork will rely on one main challenge: HUMAN-NATURE RECONCILIATION. 😊🌎

😍 We travel through Brazil for 10 days in a deep, curated and meaningful immersion with indigenous communities.

With love and dedication, we have tailored this state of the art and beautiful program aiming to reconnect with our mother earth, learn technology mimicking nature, regenerate yourself and rethink our systems with the guide of the last guardians of our mother earth: The Indigenous People of Brazil.

 Visits and Meaningful Connections 

Our learning Journey will offer the opportunity to Co-create and decide the journey plan within the whole group of participants, facilitators, and hosts based on common interests and following a flow of emergent meetings and discoveries such as:

Museums, Startups, NGOs, Cultural Centres, etc.

 Local immersion 

We welcome you with a traditional indigenous celebration, where you will get to know from the very first minute the spiritual energy within this ancient rituals. 

Then a curated agenda full of activities will be discussed and decided in a collective activity of decision, exactly how indigenous communities manage their own internal decisions.

  Meet your Expedition Leaders  

“Hi, I´m Naiara Yusió Tukano

I belong to the Yepã Masã people of the Alto Rio Negro region, Amazonas, Brazil.

I am 32 years old, a mother, lawyer and activist, and I carry out projects that can contribute to the cultural and spiritual strengthening of native people.

I defend the Rights of Nature and initiatives that seek the recognition of respect for the life of all beings and the regeneration of the earth and all its forms of life.”

Hi, I´m Philippe Greier

I am an Austrian living in Brazil. A business coach and consultant, a system- thinking entrepreneur and someone who likes to challenge our modern way of living.

I believe that the transformation of humanity and the regeneration of our mother earth is deeply rooted in collective learning and playful collaborations.

My mission is to bring together communities from all walks of life who are willing to unlearn and build up a new reality.”


The global collective presente! in collaboration with The Global School for Social Leaders invites conscious leaders and enablers to join us on the Cobra Canoa Brazil, a life-changing experience full of stories of hope, consciousness and well being.

We travel through Brazil for 10 days to learn with traditional communities how to use modern technology to regenerate our planet.


Key Information:

Dates: December 3rd to 12th, 2020.

Venues: Brazil, Starting in Rio de Janeiro along the Costa Verde to Sao Paulo.

Participants: 20 max.

Format: Curated, self-organized and play-based learning experience.


€1,500 euros.  

€1,300 euros for Members:

Recommended for:

  • 1. Environmental Activists
  • 2. Storytellers, Filmmakers & Impact Nomads.
  • 3. Social Entrepreneurs
  • 4. Educators
  • 5. NGOs in Conservation and Nature
  • 6. Students & Researchers interested in Community Building and Non-Conventional Education.


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In collaboration with

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1. A unique curated and self-organized trip.

Our learning Journey will offer the opportunity to co-create the tour plan within the whole group of participants, facilitators and hosts. We will decide together based on common interests and following a flow of emergent meetings and discoveries. You will be able to choose the places more connected to your interests:

a) Museum of Tomorrow.

b) Casa Amarelo.

c) Teatro Container Mungunzá.

2. Meaningful connection with the indigenous communities. 

During our journey, we will connect with traditional communities in the region between Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. We will listen. We will ask for forgiveness and will share our intention to help to regenerate Mother Nature. We would like to understand how we build up lasting relationships and share our future in harmony:

a) Guaranis were nomads and a warrior nation that suffered since the colonization. They are seen as a very spiritual nation using tobacco and corn as medicine to connect with their ancestor.

b) Quilombolas are ancestors of former slaves that were freed or escaped and formed a community. Their cultural and traditional life is rich and quimbolas are known for their happiness.

c) Caicaras are fishermen that are still using traditional methods and tools in order to live in harmony with nature. The Caicaras community of Trinidade has a long history of resistance and showed strong community sense when they were threatened to lose their home to a wealthy property company.

3. Let´s rethink Education.

Brazil has amazing and innovative solutions in early childhood education. Through lack of resources, a culturally rich country and strong bonding to family and communities you find some of the most impressive education solutions for schools and kindergartens in these regions. Communities naturally re-defined education based on their needs.

a) Coletivo Neos www.coletivoneos.orgwas born as a group that united for manifesting a  collective dream, co-creating a plural space for transdisciplinary human development and the integration of natural knowledge in the contemporary world.

And More: Escola Gente, Amorim Lima, FabLab at CEE Heliópolis, Quintal MágicoJardim Beija-Flor.

4. Startup Ecosystem.

  • In the metropolitan São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro we will immerse with the tech community and smart city projects. We will understand how different technical solutions are being in favor of regeneration and a planetary well being. 
    • a) Moleque de Ideias ( MdI is a company that believes in people’s intelligence, in their natural curiosity and in the power of connections. Therefore, since 1996, they keep a companionship environment where everyone, children, teenagers and adults, can create and manage their own projects. The organization emerges from each person’s interests, creating learning networks to realize ideas.
    • b) SmartCity Sorocaba ( The Sorocaba Technology Park aims to spread the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship for sustainable development in the city of Sorocaba and region through the joint between the government, universities and industries, to transform knowledge into wealth.
    • c) ImpactHub Sao Paulo ( Impact Hub is a global network of hubs and communities which foster social entrepreneurship, idea incubation, business development and offers co-working spaces.
    • d) Fazenda Toca ( Fazenda da Toca is a 2,300-hectare ranch located in Itirapina, 200 km from São Paulo’s capital. A very special place that is also a sustainability model for Brazil and for the world.


We co-create a 20 mins documentary on regenerative models, the systemic transformation of education and collaborative economy

We work out educational material for the regeneration of the planet and a collective case study that tackles the climate breakdown and our path to climate justice involving and learning from all the people that we are meeting throughout our journey.


Day 1. Rio De Janeiro

● Impact evening

● Welcome through an indigenous ceremony  

Day 2.

● Opening Ceremony at the Museum of Tomorrow

● Impact evening

 Day 3

● Visit Startups “Molecular Ideas”, focused on arts for kids. 

● Reflection Dialogue

Day 4. Angra dos Reis

● Travel to the coast

● Getting to know the region, introduction to the indigenous communities.

● Celebration

Day 5. Parati

● Emerging with the local communities

● Visits and building relationships

Day 6. Ubatuba

●  Reflection

●  Connecting with local tribes

●  Forgiveness Circle

Day 7. Ubatuba

● Mutirão – collective hands-on action

 Celebration Transfer  

Day 8. São Paulo

● Group Mission

● Collective case study

● Impact evening


Day 9. São Paulo

● Visits of projects and startups

● Reflection


Day 10. São Paulo

● Final mission

● Celebration Closing the circle

 Frequent Answered Questions 

FEE & What is included?

€1,500 Euros.

€1,300 Euros for Members. 


 What is included? 

1. Diploma of participation by The Global School for Social Leaders, Presente!, and Edushifts.

2. Curated impact travel and deep personal learning experiences.

3. Impact coaching and support in involving local partners and benefactors.

4. Accommodations, breakfast and dinners.

5. Local transportation in Brazil for all group activities

6. Join our Global Social Leaders Network, connecting more than 5,000 social leaders across the world. 

What is NOT included?


1. Airfare

2. Insurance

3. Lunches.

How much will I spend in Brazil?

Personal Spendings: €150 per week for extra lunch (light breakfast & dinner is included), drinks, entertainment, tourism, etc. 

Can I apply to a Scholarship?

– €200 for Members. 

Is there financial help?

Yes! Once you receive your acceptation letter after successful application, we will propose you a fundraising plan with rewards for your potential sponsors. 

Financing is more accessible within your region with our help than only from our side.  We strongly recommend you to scout potential sponsors within your region.

Can we join in group?

Yes! You will have an extra scholarship of 50 euros per each member of the group. 

How? On the Application Form find the question “Scholarship Code”, then each of you needs to fill it in with the name of your group. 

e.g. “Scholarship Code: Group Super Cool”

How can I join the Program?

1. Fill in the application form. CLICK HERE. 

2. Receive our response, and in case you are accepted your acceptation letter, within the following 74 hours.

3. Save your Spot, Sign your Contract and  Prepare your trip.

4. Welcome to Brazil!

You can join the program until 20 days before starting day upon spots availability.

More Questions?

Contact us on Whatsapp here.


The best is the connnection

The best of this experience is not only to be around the coaches and mentors but the entrepreneurs who are here sharing their dreams.

Gabriel Ekman - Sweden


The experience has been very enlightening and inspirational, recommended for those who are willing to challenge the status quo

Sebastian Baayel - Ghana
African Entrepreneurship and Innovation Centre


Thanks for all the tools, but above all for the remarkable change-makers who I can call now my friends

Natalia Lever - Mexico

Well prepared

Inspiring presentations, well prepared, insightful, interactive and easy to work with.

Liana Taylor - Germany
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