Data-Driven Leadership for Purpose-Driven Jobs

November 30th, Vienna, Austria

  A data-driven approach about your values and behaviour, to boost your professional career.

 What is included? 


Certified Diploma by The Global School for Social Leaders and Del Rio Leadership Consulting.

Your unique 360º Leadership Assessment – online dashboard with a summary of your assessment and full report downloadable.

Outstanding team, coffee, snacks, tea, LUNCH, fun, and great atmosphere

7 hours of seminar and activities.

Notebook & Working Material

Join our Global Social Leaders Network, connecting more than 5,000 social leaders across the world. 


 The Program 

Working in a purpose-driven company or organizations is one of the most rewarding experiences a human can achieve hence you’re likely to be more productive, happier, and make more money.

However, the transition to a purpose-driven job or culture, requires a complete understanding about human competences.

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Is a purpose-driven job the secret of happiness and therefore productivity?

The Japanese concept of Ikigai, has taught us that your life-purpose relies on the intersection of profession, vocation, passion, and mission, however, the concept of purpose is so broad that tends to fail in offering a one-size-fit-all solution.

Thanks to the power of data and technology, a more powerful approach into the concept of purpose has been shaped in a customised and personalised fit solution.

Once you understand, with data and evidence, how important a culture, values, and mission are for you, your professional path and movements will have more clarity.

It’s not difficult to make a good impression and prove you’re a fit, once you have the data to prove it.

Key Information:

Dates: November 30th, 2019, from 09:00 to 17:00 hrs. 

Venues: Lindengasse 56, 1070, Vienna, Austria. 

Participants: 20 max.

Format: Seminar, Power up Activities and Discussions.



Recommended for: 

  1. 1. Professionals seeking a career shift.

  1. 2. Professionals seeking to improve from inside-out their level of performance.

  1. 3. Professionals shaping a purpose-driven culture within their industry. 

  1. 4. Project Managers and Managers in HR or Company Culture. 

  1. 5. HR Companies and Consultants.

  What will you get?  

Whether you are in a leadership role or not, you need to take control of your career and personal life. 

In this seminar you will gain a holistic insight into the factors that will enable you to improve you and your workforce potential for success, and better market for your professional services.

More details

The time of either hard or soft skills are gone, the 4IR demands equal IQ (Intelligence Quotient) and EQ (Emotional Intelligence) as a predictor of success. In a few words, you need to improve your success predictability for any role your desire to embark on.

Module 1. Discovering Your Leadership Style.

  • – Evaluating Your Own leadership strengths.
  • – Leverage your and others unique leadership strengths.
  • – Obtain personalize Ideas for you to stay motivated.
  • – Obtain personalize Ideas that benefit your effectiveness.
  • – Based on your strengths, discover your ideal job climate.

Module 2. Discover Your Drivers of Engagement (WHYS).

  • – Identify and discover your whys (why you make use of your natural talent).
  • – Identify your top 3 drivers of engagement.
  • – Discover your general traits, key strengths and motivational and training insights.

Module 3. Discover Your Decision-Making Style

  • – Discover your default traits of decision-making.
  • – Discover how you measure up with your leadership competences.

 Your unique 360º view through self-assessment 

Making the transition to a purpose-driven job or culture requires jumping into the digitalization of a purpose-driven concept, understanding how to build a system based on data where talented people gather to express their true strengths, passions, and skills in a uniquily and creativly way.

More details

1. Data-driven Dashboard. Gain fresh and data-driven perspective in challenging areas like decision-making style and how to select your team based on their natural talents for their roles.

2. Holistic Approach. A Holistic 360º view of your behavior and values to enhance your level of performance and efficiency.

3. Practical framework. Identify yours and other leadership styles that you can apply in your business and personal relationships that lead to quality and meaningful relationships.

4. Performance Enabler. Develop and enhance your skills as a coach; Build a cohesive team and grow your confidence as a leader.

5. Facilitate transitions. Step into the next level of your individual and group performance and achieve the results you desire.

6. Based on practical experience. Work-life balance can look achievable, but it turns out, in reality, to be unfulfilled, where the potential of employees is locked, limited and square-shaped.

7. Hit the wall. We are not going to ask, build or beg, you will be able to identify and value your potential based on facts and hard evidence.

  Meet your Mentor  

Alexis Del Rio has a Masters in Science of Information Management from Aspen University, a postgraduate studies in Digital Business at EMERITUS Institute of Management in collaboration with MIT Sloan Executive Education and Columbia Business School Executive Education and PRINCE 2 Practitioner professional certification.

Alexis worked for the United Nations (Department of Peacekeeping Operations, International Commission against Impunity in Guatemala, Comprehensive Nuclear-test-ban Treaty Organization, Office for the Coordinator of Humanitarian Affairs) on projects across Asia, Australia, South Pacific, the Middle East, Guatemala, Austria, and Switzerland.

 Frequent Answered Questions 

FEE & What is included?

€590 Euros per person.

€390 Euros for Members.


What is included? 


  1. 1. Diploma of participation by Del Rio Consulting and The Global School for Social Leaders
  2. 2. 7 hours of seminar and activities.
  3. 3. Your unique 360º Leadership Assessment – online dashboard with a summary of your assessment and full report downloadable.
  4. 4. Working Material,
  5. 5. Lunch, outstanding team, coffee, snacks, tea, fun, and great atmosphere.
  6. 6. Join our Global Social Leaders Network, connecting more than 5,000 social leaders across the world.


What is NOT included?

1. Airfare

2. Insurance

3. Lunches

Can I organize a seminar in my company / organization?

Yes, you can. Kindly drop us a message on Whatsapp here, or send us an email: with the following:

1. Name of your company & Website

2. Aprox. the number of participants.

3. Potential Date.

How much will I spend in Vienna?


Hotel: €40 – €100 euros per night with breakfast included. 

Hostal / Airbnb: €25 – €70 euros per night with breakfast included. 

Couchsurfing: FREE. 



24 hours Ticket: €8 euros.

48 hours ticket: €14.10 euros

Weekly ticket: €17.10 euros (Monday to Sunday)



7 to 15 euros + 3 euros non-alcoholic drink. 

Can I apply to a Scholarship?

-€200 euros for Members. 

Is there financial help?

Yes! Once you receive your acceptation letter after successful application, we will send you a fundraising plan with rewards for your potential sponsors. 

Financing is more accessible within your region with our help than only from our side.  We strongly recommend you to scout potential sponsors within your region.

Is this program a good investment?

Yes, if you are a: 


  1. 1. Professionals seeking a career shift.
  2. 2. Professional seeking to improve from inside-out your level of performance.
  3. 3. Professional shaping a purpose-driven culture within your company/industry.
  4. 4. Manager seeking to improve relationship & communication among stakeholders. 
  5. 5. Project Manager, Consultant or Manager in HR or Company Culture Management, looking for new approaches & technologis. 
  6. 6. Consultant or Trainer in Leadership Development & Top-Management. 
How can I join the Program?

1. Fill in the application form at the bottom of this page.

2. Receive our response, and in case you are accepted your acceptation letter, within the following 74 hours.

3. Save your Spot, Sign your Contract and  Prepare your trip.

4. Welcome to The Global School for Social Leaders!


You can join the program until 3 days before starting day upon spots availability.

More Questions?

Contact us on Whatsapp. Click Here. 

Can we join in group?

Yes! You will have an extra scholarship of 5% per each member of the group. 

How? On the Application Form find the question “Scholarship Code”, then each of you needs to fill it in with the name of your group. 

e.g. “Scholarship Code: Group Super Cool”


Terrific use of my time

“I was extremely skeptical of what exactly I would take away from the seminar. To my amazement the seminar was an invaluable and terrific use of my time, which has given me the tools to identify better myself and communication patterns when dealing with my colleagues and customers.”

Scott Brownfield - Sales Manager
PKZ Group

Game changing

“It is potentially game-changing… it revolutionizes how we view staffing.”

Zulf Hyatt-Khan - CEO
Beccus Group

Effective and Staying Motivated

“My experience was outstanding. Consultancy like this is a must for everyone who wants to raise his level of self-awareness and gain an edge. Great insight for being more effective and staying motivated.”

Peter Sedmack - Manager
Wealth Management


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