Why Leadership?

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges facing our world today, and it requires urgent action from governments, businesses, and individuals alike. Without strong leadership, it can be difficult to get everyone on board with the necessary changes and make the tough decisions needed to address the problem.

Effective leaders are able to inspire and motivate people, set ambitious goals and targets, and create a sense of urgency around the issue. They can also bring together stakeholders from different sectors to work towards a common goal, and drive innovation and investment in clean technologies and sustainable practices.





What resource we are currently focusing on

We are currently working with to provide transcripts for our podcast, ‘Inspiring Leaders’ and our Clubhouse room clubs ‘Talking about Leadership’ and ‘People, Purpose and Planet’ 


‘Inspiring leaders’ is a show dedicated to sharing stories and speeches from people who changed the world for the better and interviews current change makers doing their best to improve the world today, give it a listen!


Our rooms are places to have open conversations, ask questions and learn how we can be better leaders and humans.

Join us on our weekly discussion about leadership and more!  

Clubhouse Room Transcripts

We are slowly building our library of transcripts and adding them to this page, we appreciate your patience. These transcripts are made using and are reviewed by one of our team members to make sure they are as accurate as possible.


In this room we spoke about Leadership and Disability and what actionable steps we can take to better allies and provide spaces where everyone can thrive. Our guest panelist were Catarina Riviera (@blindishlatina), Adriana Mallozzi (@adrianamallozzi) and Kellina (@deafqueenboss)


In this room we spoke about Leadership and Immigration. We went deep into our personal experiences with with immigration and how that has impacted our development as people and then our development as leaders.


How did teachers lead during the COVID-19 pandemic? On this wonderful room we talked about the pain-points that came up, what collaborations occurred, what changes were made and how teachers taught way more than just their subjects during this crisis.


In this room we talked about what characteristics make women better leaders, or did we? Funny enough our consensus was that it’s not about being a woman but about the experience that teaches us empathy and even thought there is work to still be done, we are moving forward.

 ‘Inspiring Leaders’ Transcripts

Our podcast comes out every Monday at noon Central European Time in English. The transcript are made using and reviewed to make them as accurate as possible but we are always looking to improve so please reach out with any feedback you might have.

Podcast Episode 22

Survivor, activist and entrepreneur
Nasreen Sheik

Podcast Episode 21

OG of Impact Economic and dual citizen of US and UK Stuart Williams

Podcast Episode 20

American Indian activist and author
Russell Means

Podcast Episode 19

Strategic Mentor and Speaker
Loubna Zarrou

Podcast Episode 18

Food innovator
José Manuel Moller

Podcast Episode 17

Musician and climate activist Atilla Suba

Podcast Episode 16

The women of the Mexican Revolution

Podcast Episode 15

Anti-bullying educator Dali Rivera

Podcast Episode 14

Singer, activist and actress Miriam Makeba

Podcast Episode 13

Service oriented leader Ossana Ber

Podcast Episode 12

Strive Masiyiwa

Podcast Episode 11

Prime Minister of the UK Winston Churchill

Podcast Episode 10

Interview with Franz Josef Allmayer

Podcast Episode 9

Human rights activist Marsha P. Johnson

Podcast Episode 8

Education Advocate Malala Yousafzai

Podcast Episode 7

What is Women’s Day and Women’s Month?

Podcast Episode 6

Activist and business woman Mamá Tingó

Podcast Episode 5

Refugee and political leader Ibrahim Omer

Podcast Episode 4

Community Leader and liberator Gaspar Yanga

Podcast Episode 3

Abolitionist and speaker Frederick Douglass

Podcast Episode 2

Writer and civil rights activist Maya Angelou

Podcast Episode 1

Civil rights leader, Rosa Parks

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