Scam Alert: Martin Jair Gutierrez Gomez
Scam Alert Helian Leigon Global Honor Entrepreneurship
April 12, 2023

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  • Complying with the trademarks rights, we avoid naming this organization, so we only include a hyperlink.
  • This organization has been trying to resell The Global School programs without consent for an exorbitant amount, attempting to defraud people.
  • Ths organization (based in Mexico) has deceived its clients and is now trying to evade responsibility by making up alleged complaints and lawsuits.
  • This organization is owned by a person who faces 8 lawsuits in the court of Mexico for similar practices.
  • Additionally, the same organization offers recognitions endorsed by the UN or UNIDO which do not exist nor are they endorsed.
  • The UN, UNIDO, and the Mexican government authorities have blacklisted this organization for numerous deceptions of this type.
  • Be alert and do not fall prey to this organisation’s schemes. We do not recognize any offers made by this organization.

An alleged “lawsuit” against The Global School has ben circulated in social media made by someone named “Eduardo”, who claims to have participated in one of our programs and not received the experience agreed.

However, we have NOT received or worked with any Eduardo, so it is obviously an attempt to discredit us.

What we do know is that this organization has tried to resell our programs for an exorbitant price and offer recognitions that we do not endorse.

Furthermore, they are also trying to sell recognitions and awards, trying to deceive people by asserting endorsement from UNIDO and UN, which is false.

We reported this to the offices of the UN and UNIDO Mexico, who responded the following:

“On behalf of Mr. Ramiro Magaña Pineda, Deputy Representative of the Regional Office, his kind communication is greatly appreciated and it is shared that the organization is doing is in no way endorsed by the UNIDO nor United Nations”.

Furthermore, it is reported that a formal complaint has been previously filed with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mexico, through the Office of the Resident Coordinator; however, it will be updated with the information provided to us.”

Fraude Helian Leigon y Global Honor Entrepreneurship Society

This organization is owned by a person who faces 8 lawsuits in the court of Mexico for similar practices:

Fraude Helian Leigon y Global Honor Entrepreneurship Society

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