Social Impact

Our Fundraising strategies generate more than €80,000 Euros in contributions, allowing us to work at different levels with social leaders around the world.

Through The Social Innovation Agency (, a marketing agency for NGOs, social entrepreneurs, and activists, we have been able not only to fundraise successfully but communicate meaningfully.

Scholarships € 29,354

Regardless your background or previous studies or social-economical status, we select true leaders with challenging ideas and positive ATTITUDE.

  • * 200 Partial Scholarships
  • * 10 Full Scholarships
  • * 6 Countries


Donations € 18,300

We work directly on the field with NGOs, Social Entrepreneurs and Communities around the world, providing training, coaching, technology and above all resources that impact directly on people´s lives.


Social Innovation Projects € 12,000

We make the best out of our funds, generating new ideas, projects and investing in those that are leading the change.

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