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We host the boldest business minds trying to solve the biggest planetary challenge: Climate Breakdown & Ecological Collapse

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Roberto Arrucha - The Global School for Social Leaders

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Roberto A. Arrucha

Global Sustainability Voice &

Co-Founder of The Global School for Social Leaders & Our Planet Alliance


Sustainable Development has proven to be a force that has mobilised all sectors, public and private, to address the most transcendental challenges facing humanity, such as climate change, inequality and the threat of nuclear conflict.

The panorama is not only catastrophic but really hard to digest, however, Businesses & Entrepreneurs have brought the most satisfying gains to us, they have triggered a collective action to build a prosperous and liveable future.

Furthermore, they are also a new economy valued at 13 trillion dollars (USD) in the next 15 years.


Are you an entrepreneur or business working towards climate action and a sustainable future?

This space is for you! 


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We record every Wednesday at 12 hrs. (Central Europe)
Duration: 20 to 30 min.

  • The format is coffee talk type, it is NOT an interview. Very simple, fun, informative but at the same time professional.
  • It is also very dynamic and fresh, please if you are going to use very technical language, try to accompany it with a real-life example.
  • Try to limit every intervention to max. 2 mins. 
  • We do it via zoom, you will receive the link by email.
  • Please prepare a good microphone or try to be in a place with little ambient noise.
  • The publication date is 2-4 days. In order for us to tag you, please send us your social media links and a profile picture.

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