The Global School

for leaders in Sustainability, Social Innovation & Climate Justice.

 A life-changing experience for Leaders 

What is The Global School for Social Leaders?

We are a multi-awarded NGO with headquarters in Vienna, Austria, specialised in global education for leaders in sustainability, social innovation & climate justice.

Every year, we select 25 leaders from around the world to join an intensive, disruptive, and holistic high-level program aiming at equipping them with the most powerful tools, knowledge and resources.

The Global School for Social Leaders is an independent, self-funded, and non-governmental organization. We work in collaboration with renowned organizations such as the United Nations.

What is the program about?

We partner with top consultants and organizations who deliver high-level Lectures, Workshops, Keynotes, Visits, & On-hands practical work on 6 intensive and carefully designed modules:

Module 1: Systemic Thinking

Module 2. Project Design & Innovation

Module 3. International Organizations

Module 4. Funding

Module  5. Holistic Leadership

Module 6. Smart Government & Cities

Module 7. Digitalisation


Who can join the program?

Junior Program: Min. 18 Max. 27 years old

Senior Program: Min. 28 Max. 65 years old.

Any person regardless of race, colour, race, or physical condition, with remarkable achievements and trajectory leading from:

  • NGOs
  • Activists
  • Personal Developers & Coaches
  • Social Entrepreneurs & Businesses
  • Companies aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals
  • Universities, Research & Educational Organisations 
  • Governments
  • International Organisations
How much does it cost?

Junior Program (18-27 years old): €2,800 euros.

Senior Program. (28-65 years old): €3,500 euros



1. Accommodation & Basic Breakfasts

2. Public Transport ticket within Vienna, Austria.

3. Access to activities, visits, & trips.

4. Official Diploma & Graduation Celebration

5. Working Material (Your Social Innovation Box)


It does not include:

1. Air transportation or any other transportation from your home country to Vienna, Austria.

2. Lunch & Dinner during the program.

3. Insurance.




Once you are accepted, you will access our funding plan where you will have resources available to fund your program.

Our success rate is 70%. 

How can I join?

1. Apply to the Program

2. Wait for your acceptance letter

3. Save your spot

4. Welcome to the program!


 25 leaders selected throughout the world 

The best is the connnection

The best of this experience is not only to be around the coaches and mentors but the entrepreneurs who are here sharing their dreams.

Gabriel Ekman - Sweden


Sebastian - theglobal.schoo

The experience has been very enlightening and inspirational, recommended for those who are willing to challenge the status quo

Sebastian Baayel - Ghana
African Entrepreneurship and Innovation Centre


Thanks for all the tools, but above all for the remarkable change-makers who I can call now my friends

Natalia Lever - Mexico

Well prepared

Inspiring presentations, well prepared, insightful, interactive and easy to work with.

Liana Taylor - Germany

 Our Events 


Program: Climate Tech Meet Up

Recommended for: Startups working in Climate solutions 

Format: Online / Live / Interactive

Duration: 2 hours



Program: Social Innovation Management

Format: Online. / Live / Interactive 

Duration: 6 sessions



Social Innovation Box

Social Innovation Box.

The tool-box for leaders, entrepreneurs and social innovation consultants.



The leaders who inspired people & social innovation throughout history.

 Inspiring Leaders Podcast  


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