African Leaders

Awards 2023

December 1st & 2nd. Vienna, Austria;

Recognising the most remarkable leaders in Sustainable Development and Social Innovation.

Who can be nominated?

Welcome nominations & self-nominations

  1. Persons above 18 years old,
  2. Public Policies by Government bodies,
  3. Businesses,
  4. NGOs.

Selection Criteria:

Anyone working in Sustainable Development can be nominated, to be eligible to be in the final list of nominees and winners, our selection criteria consider the following:

  1. Holistic Leadership,
  2. Trajectory,
  3. Innovation,
  4. Integrity.

After submission, our team will go through your website, online presence, media, and network, and in general, make online research about your work (Please update your page/social media).

If your work record is not publicly available online, we cannot consider your nomination.

If you are part of the final list of Nominees, we will contact you in one of your official emails / social media profiles. Nevertheless, you can receive news and updates on Linkedin &Whatsapp group.


The most prominent event for emerging leaders in Europe now reaches Africa, aimed at recognising and awarding more than 100 private & public sector leaders working in the sustainable transformation of the African continent.


More than 100 European and African leaders meet in Vienna, Austria: Businesses, Governments, Development Agencies, Investors, and Startups, all aligned to the sustainable transformation in Africa. 

How? When? Where?

2 days of Alliances, Cooperation, Business, Connection, Friends  and a lot of Inspiration.

December 1st and 2nd, 2023.

Vienna, Austria. The heart of Europe, the city with the highest quality of life in the world and headquarters of the UN.

Venue: Impact Hub Vienna.

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Who can be nominated?

Welcome nominations & self-nominations

  1. Persons above 18 years old,
  2. Public Policies by the government,
  3. Businesses,
  4. NGOs.
Selection criteria

Anyone working in Sustainable Development can be nominated, to be eligible to be in the final list of nominees and winners, our selection criteria consider the following:

  1. Holistic Leadership,
  2. Trajectory,
  3. Innovation,
  4. Integrity.
Dates & Deadlines

March 15th (Midnight CET). Last day for nominations.

Abril 1st. Publication of the 100 Nominees.

Abril 1st to July 31st. Voting.

August 1st to 6th. Transparent counting of votes.

December 1st & 2nd. Awards Ceremony.

What is Sustainable Development?

Companies, Governments, Organizations and People (+18) who work in the following areas:

1. End poverty in all its forms everywhere.
2. End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture.
3. Improve health and promote well-being for all ages.
4. Provide inclusive, equitable, quality education, and promote lifelong learning opportunities.
5. Improve gender equality.
6. Guarantee access and availability of water and its sustainable management and sanitation for all.
7. Guarantee access to affordable, safe, sustainable and modern energy for all.
8. Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all.
9. Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation.
10. Reduce inequality within and between countries.
11. Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.
12. Guarantee sustainable consumption and production patterns.
13. Take urgent measures to combat climate change and its effects.
14. Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and their resources.
15. Protect, restore and promote the sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, manage forests sustainably, combat desertification, halt and reverse land degradation and halt the loss of biological diversity.
16. Promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to justice for all and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels.
17. Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development.

Past Winners?
This is the launch of the 1st African edition. We are very happy to have you in the first cohort of Awardees.
What do the Winners / Awardees receive?

Each awardee receives:

  • Lodging and Food during your stay in Vienna for the duration of the events: 2 nights.
  • Transportation within the City of Vienna.
  • Physical and Digital Recognition that accredits your award.

If we have allies and sponsors that allow it, we can include a round-trip from your home country and an economic prize.

How is your selection committee formed?

The final list of 100 Nominations are selected by The Global School of Social Leaders team.

The 30 winners/awardees are selected by 3 selection committees:

1. Committee of Associate Members of The Global School for Social Leaders. They choose ten (10) winners/awardees.

2. Experts in Sustainable Development and Social Innovation:
For privacy, names will be public when the voting closes. They choose ten (10) winners/awardees

3. Allied Companies and Sponsors.
Companies and organizations that make this event possible. They choose ten (10) winners/awardees.

Would you like to be our ally?

Contact us here:

Transparency in Voting

The transparency and reputation of the Awards are our top priorities.

That is why at the end of the voting of all the selection committees, we grant the nominees access to the database of votes (which include name, country and date of voting) in order to be able to count them.

If there is no objection, we carry out the publication of the finalists.


Welcome companies and/or organizations that have sustainable development as a pillar. Some of the benefits you receive:

  • Free tickets.
  • Full promotion.
  • Special Dinner/Reception.
  • Scholarships.
  • Interview & Press conference.
  • Photoshoot.
  • And more exclusive benefits.

Schedule a talk with our team, and learn about the alliance options:

Or on Whatsapp: +43 677 61 73 5010

Can I become volunteer?

Yes. If you have professional knowledge in event organization, communication, logistics, or digital marketing, and availability 10 hours a week prior to the event, or full-time during the event.

Please send us an email to:, with your CV in PDF or a link to your LinkedIn profile.

Important: Volunteers are NOT paid, but we DO offer you 1 free entry to the event, as well as other benefits that we will confirm later.

How is the event financed?

The Global School for Social Leaders is an independent, self-funded, non-governmental organization. Not aligned with any political agenda or ideology.

All our income comes from our associate members, events, sponsors and students.