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 Who are we?  

We are a multi-awarded NGO dedicated to the design, organization, and execution of international events and educational programs. Established in 2010, our operations extend across prominent locations, including Vienna, Berlin, and Geneva.

We partner with organizations, companies, and academies to provide tailored and white-labeledprograms, such as trainning, conferences, awards, summits, educational trips and diplomatic & trade missions. Our efforts have been recognized by the United Nations Regional Academy and awarded by the Government of Austria and the Chamber of Commerce. We have also received hundreds of positive ratings.

The Global School for New Leadership is an independent, self-funded, non-governmental organization not aligned with any political agenda or ideology.

Why We do it?

 Why We do it? 


Humanity is facing one of the most radical changes in our history:

  • Global geopolitics is undergoing a big shift in powers, leading to changes in rules, models, systems, and leadership.
  • The technological race is reshaping the way we work, rendering many current knowledge and skills obsolete and paving the way for entirely new ones.
  • The climate crisis will be the most difficult challenge we will have to face, forcing us to develop new ways of subsistence and governance as a society.

In this emerging world, there is a pressing need for a fresh vision and redefinition of leadership that encompasses our historical context.

The Global School for New Leadership seeks to amplifing the voices of global leaders from both the public and private sector, who are actively addressing present challenges:

  • Leaders who draw upon the lessons of the past to shape novel solutions for present and future issues.
  • Leaders who possess a comprehensive perspective on our interventions while also being connected to a growing universal identity.
  • Conscious leaders about our responsibility as temporary managers of our planet.


 How do we do it? 

Social Innovation Box

The Global School for New Leadership partners top organisations, companies, & academies to design & organize international events & educational programs.

Our programs: Conferences, Workshops, Awards, or Summits, offer a unique life experience that allows you to access knowledge, tools, network, technology, and alliances worldwide. 

Our methodology is built upon 10 years of work experience with leaders around the world.

List of Themes


Sustainable Development,

Social Innovation,



1. Leadership and Holistic Education (Children, Youth and Seniors).
2. Social Innovation from the Public & Private Sector, and Civil Society Movements.
3. Systems Thinking and Social Change.
4. Purpose-Oriented Careers.
5. Purpose-Driven Communication, Marketing and Fundraising.
6. NGO Management.
7. Social Entrepreneurship & Business.
8. Smart City & Governments.
9. Nature-Based Technology & Indigenous Knowledge.
10. Circular and Regenerative Economy.
11. Sustainable & Human Development.
12. Purpose-Driven Business Management (Shareholder to Stakeholder).
13. Ethics and Rule of Law.
14. Peace, Security and Justice.
15. Renewable Energy & Waste Management.
16. International Development & Development Funds.

 Where do we work? 

The Global School Consultants

Mainly in Central Europe:

Austria, Germany & Switzerland.


We have developed programs also in:

East of Africa: Kenya & Rwanda.

Asia: India, Vietnam & China.

Latin America: Mexico, Costa Rica & Colombia.

Our Work in numbers



Events & Programs

Awards & Recognitions

Roberto A. Arrucha

Roberto A. Arrucha

Director & Founder

A global voice in Sustainability & Education.

Awarded leader and social entrepreneur.


Alejandro Rodriguez

Alejandro Rodriguez

Director of Leaders

 30 years working with international consultants

Former Head of HR and Talent at OPEC.

María Martínez

María Martínez

Director of Events Organization

Well-known events organizer with over 10 years of experience in on-site and online events organization.
Lorena Gómez

Lorena Gómez

Director of Stratey

Professional with over 15 years of experience in international marketing.

Johanna Syrch

Johanna Syrch

Communications & Events


Professional with over 10 years of experience organising and managing international events.

Noemi Zozaya

Noemi Zozaya

Director of Culture

Professional with over 15 years of experience in inclusion, diversity & culture.

This is your spot.

This is your spot.

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