The Global School for Social Leaders

World-class & Executive Education for

Pubic & Private sector Leaders.

Since 2010, Vienna, Austria & Berlin, Germany

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 Who are we?  

We are a multi-awarded NGO based in Vienna, Austria & CDMX, Mexico specialised in designing global education & consulting programs for Private & Public sector leaders: Workshops, Conferences, Awards and Trade Missions,

We focus on three main themes: Sustainable Development, Innovation and Leadership.

Our programs have been recognised by the Regional Academy on the United Nations, awarded by 1MillionStartups in collaboration with the Government of Austria, and received hundreds of positive ratings.

The Global School for Social Leaders is an independent, self-funded, non-governmental organisation not aligned with any political agenda or ideology.

 Why We do it? 


Being a social leader NO longer means founding an NGO or engaging in activism. A social leader is also an entrepreneur or a government that creates well-being and wealth for their community and environment.

Sustainable development and social innovation are the best paths to guarantee a prosperous and liveable future. Furthermore, they are also a new economy valued at 13 trillion dollars (USD) in the next 15 years.


Every year since 2010, we receive leaders from around the world in Central Europe who join our high-level educational programs, equipping them with the most powerful tools, knowledge, resources and global partnerships. 

 How do we do it? 

Social Innovation Box

The Global School for Social Leaders partners with top organisations, companies, & organisations to design & develop Executive Education programs.

Our programs: Conferences, Workshops, Awards, and Events, offer a unique life experience that allows you to access knowledge, tools, network, technology, and alliances worldwide. 

Our methodology is built upon 10 years of work experience with leaders around the world.

List of Themes


Sustainable Development,

Social Innovation,



1. Leadership and Holistic Education (Children, Youth and Seniors).
2. Social Innovation from the Public & Private Sector, and Civil Society Movements.
3. Systems Thinking and Social Change.
4. Purpose-Oriented Careers.
5. Purpose-Driven Communication, Marketing and Fundraising.
6. NGO Management.
7. Social Entrepreneurship & Business.
8. Smart City & Governments.
9. Nature-Based Technology & Indigenous Knowledge.
10. Circular and Regenerative Economy.
11. Sustainable & Human Development.
12. Purpose-Driven Business Management (Shareholder to Stakeholder).
13. Ethics and Rule of Law.
14. Peace, Security and Justice.
15. Renewable Energy & Waste Management.
16. International Development & Development Funds.

 Where do we work? 

The Global School Consultants

Mainly in Central Europe:

Austria, Germany & Switzerland.


We have developed programs also in:

East of Africa: Kenya & Rwanda.

Asia: India, Vietnam & China.

Latin America: Mexico, Costa Rica & Colombia.

Our Work in numbers

Social Media Community

Alumni & Leaders

Funds raised & invested in Sustainability Projects

Awards & Recognitions

Roberto A. Arrucha

Roberto A. Arrucha

Director & Founder

A global voice in Sustainability, Climate Justice & Education.

Awarded leader and social entrepreneur.


Alejandro Rodriguez

Alejandro Rodriguez

Director of Leaders

 30 years working with international consultants

Former Head of HR and Talent at OPEC.

Lorena Gómez

Lorena Gómez

Director of Stratey

Professional with over 15 years of experience in international marketing.

Noemi Zozaya

Noemi Zozaya

Director of Culture

Professional with over 15 years of experience in inclusion, diversity & culture.

Johanna Syrch

Johanna Syrch

Communications & Events


Professional with over 10 years of experience organising and managing international events.

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This is your spot.

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