Roberto A. Arrucha

Director & Founder of The Global School for Social Leaders

With over 12 years of global experience, Roberto is a mix of constant creativity, brutal honesty, contagious passion and goals driven person.

Requests for Talks, Conferences, Workshops, Consulting

Roberto consults and delivers personalized workshops for NGOs, Social Entrepreneurs, Impact Driven Startups & Companies, and Governments in the following topics: 

1. Meaningful & Powerful Communication.

2. Purpose-Driven Marketing & Fundraising.

3. Social Innovation, System Change, & Leadership.


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Regional Academy on the United Nations


Skoll at University of Oxford


National University of Vietnam

“A ball of positive energy”

Hive Europe

“A real contributor to the sustainable development”


Hello, my name is Roberto and for the last 12 years, I´ve been working with NGOs, Social Entrepreneurs, Impact-driven Businesses and Activists around the world in 3 main challenges:

1. Meaningful & Powerful Communication.
2. Marketing, Income Generation & Fundraising.
3. Holistic Leadership & Human-Nature Reconciliation.

In 2010, while leading an activist movement for digital rights, I was forced to leave my country due to the Drugs Cartel War, this also allowed me to pursue my passion for understanding social challenges, and brought me to work directly with social initiatives in 12 countries across 4 continents:

India, Vietnam, Thailand, Kenya, Rwanda, Morocco, Mexico, Czechia, Ukraine, Spain, Germany, and Austria.
I´m the founder & author of

* 2013. Latinomics Leadership Forum.

One of the most recognized Latin American NGOs based in Europe

* 2016. The Social Innovation Box.

A powerful toolbox for Social Entrepreneurs, where I combine and pack the best of my field experience, tips, best practices and easy to use smart-tools for the daily challenges.

* 2017. The Humanity Development Goals (HDGs).

A Human-centered system agenda aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which comprehends a set of 3 simple goals aiming to transform our civilization from the inside-out, and not only from the top-bottom

* 2018. The Global School for Social Leaders.

A global NGO specialized in disruptive and holistic education for the new generation of social leaders

Recognitions & Awards

His work has been featured and recognized in top-newsmedia such as “El Universal” and “El Ángel Inversionista” in Mexico and “The Times of India” in India.

In 2017, Roberto was endorsed by the Regional Academy of the United Nations as one of the “most fascinating” social entrepreneurs.

● In addition, he was appointed by 1MillionStartups and UNIDO as the ambassador of Latin America in the signing of the First Global Entrepreneurship Declaration in the world signed at the United Nations Headquarters in Vienna, Austria. 

Roberto has been nominated collectively by the government and NGOs as a candidate for the National Youth Award of Mexico. In 2018, he received the “1MillionStartups award”, given by his work towards sustainable development and human values. 

Roberto has given lectures in universities, forums, organizations and educational centres around the world.