Trainers from the Global South


A call to every Consultant, Expert, Researcher, Entrepreneur, Educator and Trainers from the Global South

Development Redefined

Now more than ever the urgency for redefining our development & education system is needed in a world that sometimes seems going backwards, specially in the Global South where the effects of a collapsing system is hitting more severe.

About Us

We are a multi-awarded NGO specialised in designing and delivering holistic, disruptive and impact-oriented education.

Since 2010 we raise and connect a new generation of social leaders & innovators.

We extend an invitation to:

1. Researchers.

2. Entrepreneurs.

3. Consultants.

4. Senior-Professionals.

5. Experienced Educators.

to join the discussion, collaborate, connect with like-minded peers and be part of our community of Global Mentors from the Global South.



Are you uncomfortable and even dissapointed by the current state of the world?

Are you able to provide a more meaningful & practical knowledge aligned to the realities of the Global South?

Are you aware of the current challenges ahead in climate justice, inequality and rise of nationalism?

If YES is your answer to at least 2 questions, this call is for you:

Join a vibrant community of Social Leaders & Innovators


Become a consultant and offer tailored solution to the current challenges of the global south.


Get support to design, list and offer your content to our vibrant community of leaders from the Global South.

Social Innovation Projects

Join our calls in developing and launching exciting projects with social impact in the Global South.


Despite we do not discriminate young applicants, we do requiere proven experience or remarkable achivements.