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June 14, 2023

The Global School for New Leadership

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Since 2010. Vienna, Austria & Berlin, Germany.

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Little bit of context

Our vision is straightforward: Redefine the concept of leadership. In our perspective, leaders making a social impact are no longer limited to armed revolutionaries, street activists, or politicians addressing the masses, let alone foundations.

We are convinced that leaders who truly have a social impact include companies that generate wealth, startups with groundbreaking technology, and public policies that utilize innovation and evidence to address social, environmental, and economic challenges.

In 2010, the Latinomics Leadership Forum was born, to later evolve into what you know today as The Global School for Social Leaders.

Since then, we have committed to redefine leadership:

  • We coined the term Holistic Leadership,
  • We compiled the most important leadership lessons from more than 300 interviews with renowned leaders.
  • We designed more than 30 methodologies and tools for founders & decision makers.
  • Our International programs encompass events, workshops, certifications, awards, trade missions, educational travels.
  • More than 1,000 leaders have participated in our programs.
  • We reach more than 100,000 public & private sector leaders via social media and email.

It all started as a blog, and today we have become an awarded educational organization, recognised by the UN, The University of Oxford, the EU commission and The Government of Austria.

Today is time for a new stage, and we are pleased to present a new image, name and logo: The Global School for New Leadership.


Humanity is facing one of the most radical changes in our history:

  • Global geopolitics is undergoing a big shift in powers, leading to changes in rules, models, systems, and leadership.
  • The technological race is reshaping the way we work, rendering many current knowledge and skills obsolete and paving the way for entirely new ones.
  • The climate crisis will be the most difficult challenge we will have to face, forcing us to develop new ways of subsistence and governance as a society.

In this emerging world, there is a pressing need for a fresh vision and redefinition of leadership that encompasses our historical context.

The Global School for New Leadership seeks to amplifying the voices of global leaders from both the public and private sector, who are actively addressing present challenges:

  • Leaders who draw upon the lessons of the past to shape novel solutions for present and future issues.
  • Leaders who possess a comprehensive perspective on our interventions while also being connected to a growing universal identity.
  • Conscious leaders about our responsibility as temporary managers of our planet.

New Offer

To your already known and favourite programs:

We have incorporated new:

New Collaborations: Franchises

At the request of many of our allies and representatives, you can now apply to obtain an exclusive franchise.

With an investment from 2 thousand euros (a single payment), you can have:

  • Exclusive use of the brand, or opt for

  • Exclusive use of all our offer with your own brand.

  • Design of your own programs with international support from our network.

  • An income strategy plan for your franchise in order to rech 50,000 euros per year.

  • Your own international organization ready: Digital infrastructure, Programs, channels and processes for you to generate income from the first month.

    More information. Click here.


On behalf of The Global School for New Leadership, we thank you again for your trust, and we welcome you to this community of recognized public & private sector leaders.


Roberto Arrucha - The Global School for New Leadership

Roberto A. Arrucha

Founder – The Global School for New Leadership