Consulting vs Coaching. Difference
Consulting vs Coaching. Difference.
November 24, 2020

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It is a frequent question we receive at The Global School: What is the difference between those terms. Consulting vs Coaching. Difference

According to The Cambridge Dictionary, a Consultant is a person who is a specialist in a particular subject and whose job is to give advice and information to businesses, government organizations, etc.


1) Consultant brings the answers to the clients. Tells the client what to do

2) Coach helps their client find their answers.

3) Consultant can teach a method or a process to solve technical, business or organisational challenges.

4) Coach can teach someone to discover himself/herself.

5) Consultant provides possibilities and options.

6) Coach helps to explore possibilities

7) Consultant provides answers and solutions according to the situation.

8) Coach helps people to find the answers and solutions by themselves

9) Consultants diagnose a problem, make a recommendation and design a path to solve it.

10) Coaches partner with clients to create an experience for the client to arrive at their answers, based on what the client believes will work best.


1) Consultant is an experienced professional, generally external, who is assigned to solve a real problem within an organisation. E.g. Consultant Engineer Sales Consultant, Digital Marketing Consultant.

2) Advisor is someone with broad knowledge, someone who gives you professional advice in a particular field. E.g. Financial Advisor, Immigration Advisor, Political Advisor.

3) Consultants are problem solvers. A consultant’s sharp focus is on eliminating the problem at hand in the most efficient way.

4) Advisors are problem definers. Advisors can provide an early warning about emerging problems.

5) Consultants implement new solutions with your teams and transfer specific knowledge.

6) Advisors, often muddy the waters, leaving their clients with a new and broader perspective.


1) A Consultant is a professional hired to give expert advice temporarily.

2) Consulting is the activity of giving expert advice on solving problems to people working in a professional or technical field.
It is the actual process performed by a consultant.

3) Consultancy is the role or position of being a consultant. It is also a firm that provides consulting service.

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