The tool-box for entrepreneurs, consultants and social innovators.

Social Innovation Box

What is inside your Social Innovation Box?

10 years of REAL field experience in more than 20 countries across 4 continents, compacted in a powerful tool-box with practical and easy to use tools for designing, developing, managing and innovating your impact-driven projects.

Social Innovation Box

Your Social Innovation Box goes right to the point so you can get to work done by yourself or with your team.

We go beyond a course or webinar. We use the power of design thinking to solve problems with evidence and efficiency.

List of Tools
For the last 10 years, we have been solving real and everyday problems within projects and organizations, this allowed us to create problem-solving tools and refined existing ones.


1. Leadership Self-Assessment. How can assess my leadership skills and capabilities?

2. Finding your purpose (Ikigai + Golden Circle). How can I find and link my purpose with the purpose of my project?

3. Social Innovation Matrix. How can explore problems and possible solutions? 

4. Humanity Development Goals. How can we work with development more holistically?

5. Social Intervention Frame. What is the best intervention to solve a problem?

6. Social Contract. How can design and model a social innovation project?

7. The Social Innovation Canvas. How can design and model a social innovation project?

8. Impact Investor Matrix. How do the investors measure the impact on projects?

9. Social Economy. How can I finance my project beyond traditional financing models?

10. Types of Funding. How can I find the best types of funding for my project?

11. Activist Journey. How can I build a movement to solve a social problem?

12. The Social Leader Storytelling. How can I build a powerful and meaningful message for my project?

13. Kite Customer Relationship Management CRM. How can I sell and raise funds for my project?

14. Team Values. How can I build trust among my stakeholder?

15. Recruitment Venn. How can I attract, keep and communicate with the best team for my project?

16. Productivity Board. How can I work more efficiently if I don´t have a clear work process?

17. OKRs. How can I work more efficiently if I already have work process?

18. Decision-Making. How can I discuss and make better decisions with my team

Social Innovation Box

Step by step how to work with your posters, also ..

More than 100 carefully curated and selected tools that will guide, optimize and save you THOUSANDS OF EUROS of time, capital and talent during the digital transformation of your project.

List of Digital Tools

Project Management / Task Management
Automatization / Big & Small Data
Accountability / Contact Management
CRM / Payment Gateways
Design Thinking / User Experience
Fundraising & Crowdfunding
Impact Evaluation
Sales Process & Pipeline / CRM
Graphic Design / Social Media

and many more!

Social Innovation Box

Notebook, stickers, pen, paper and some extra surprises 😉

    Social Innovation Box

    We give you more than 5,000 euros in services and consulting!

    Access trainings, resources, tips, calls, meetings, as well as our database of templates, funds, consultancies, scholarships and jobs.

    In addition, you will connect with a community of purpose-driven leaders in Government, Consulting, Entrepreneurs, NGOs, International Org., Impact Investors, etc.

    List of Resources


    1. Contracts and Agreements

    2. Discount Requests

    3. Presentations

    4. Pitch Decks

    5. Mails.

    6. Photo Banks.

    7. Impact Reports.

    8. Impact Assessment.

    9. WordPress Templates.



    10. International Funds

    11. International Development, Humanitarian and Social Business Jobs.

    12. Calls, Contests and Prizes.

    13. Blogs, Books, Articles, and Documentaries, carefully curated and selected.

    Satisfied Builders

    Years of Development



    The experience has been very enlightening and inspirational, recommended for those who are willing to challenge the status quo

    Sebastian Baayel - Ghana
    African Entrepreneurship and Innovation Centre


    Thanks for all the tools, but above all for the remarkable change-makers who I can call now my friends

    Natalia Lever - Mexico

    Well prepared

    Inspiring presentations, well prepared, insightful, interactive and easy to work with.

    Liana Taylor - Germany









    Physical:  €129

    Digital: €39

    Trust guaranteed:

    We are a multi-awarded NGO based in Vienna, Austria and Berlin, Germany, specializing in holistic and disruptive education and development. Since 2010 we have connected a new generation of purpose-driven leaders.


    Do you want to become a Certified Consultant?

    You can become a certified consultant in the use, facilitation and application of the Social Innovation Box.

    This will allow you to offer high quality consulting, training and workshops for:

    NGOs, Socially Responsible Companies, Entrepreneurs, Startups, Government, Activists, Educational Institutions, etc.

    Backed and certified by The Global School for Social Leaders and The Social Innovation Agency, both organizations based in Europe and recognised internationally.

    Send us an email with a brief professional review, and your CV to:

    Who can use it?

    Social Innovation Box is an effort to facilitate learning and collaboration with the use of easy-to-use tools, it doesn´t requires previous experience in order to apply methods, tools, practices and intelligence:

    Amateurs and Experienced.

    1. Coaches and Consultants,

    2. NGOs

    3. Socially Responsible Entrepreneurs and Companies,

    4. Startups,

    5. Activists,

    6. Researchers and / or Educational Institutions,

    7. Government,

    You can explore it on your own (1 person) or with your team or students (recommended up to 20 people at the same time).

    Estimated Time of Arrival?

    From July 25.

    Once you pay, you will receive a confirmation email where you will be asked to fill in a form, your responses helps us to correctly confirm your shipping address, and to improve your experience and entry into the community.

    Between 5 to 10 days within the European Union.

    Between 15 to 30 days to the rest of the world (Due to delays caused by COVID-19).

    Do you offer a discount?

    Sure! Get an extra discount of - € 10 euros per box, if your minimum order is 10 boxes.

    Can we order more than 20?

    Our production capacity is 10 to 15 boxes per day.

    If your order exceeds 15 boxes, the waiting time for delivery increases 2 days for every 15 extra boxes.

    If your order exceeds 10 boxes, you will get a discount of - € 10 euros per box.

    Dimensions and Weight?

    Dimensions: 33 x 24 x 4.4 cm

    Weight: Approx. 2 kgs.


    Can I become a distributor?

    Sure! If you have access to a large market with a distribution already built, we can grant you distribution rights at a preferential cost.

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