Holistic Leadership Self-Assessment

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How does it work?

It allows you to self-assess your leadership skills through 12 holistic indicators.

1. A true leader SLEEPS well and is aware of the importance of a rested mind and body to overcome challenges and make better decisions.

2. A true leader does EXERCISE, and is aware of the connection between body and mind; He knows that the best medicine against pessimism is to exercise his mind and body, allowing him to work out his problem-solving skills.

3. A true leader guides through VALUES such as honesty, commitment, humility, and integrity. He knows that regardless of hundreds of ideas and aspirations, having solid values ​​allows sharing a clear vision and decision with others.

4. A true leader triggers CURIOSITY. He inquires, listens, compares, and always asks “Why?”; He evaluates the big picture of a problem, with its pros and cons. He analyses the facts and challenges his assumptions.

5. A true leader use TOOLS to address problems and build practical and effective solutions. He knows that good intention is not enough, that the successful execution of one single idea will have more impact than thousands of good ideas poorly executed or not executed at all.

6. A true leader takes care of his FOOD because he is aware of its relevance and power over his mood, optimism, and concentration.

7. A true leader uses MORAL IMAGINATION to understand problems by placing himself in the position of others. He avoids judging at all costs until he sufficiently understands the situation.

8. A true leader recognises his IDENTITY, allowing him to understand his cultural background, personality, and family ties. Also, to shape a global identity that connects him with a diversity of identities.

9. A true leader designs SYSTEMS & STRATEGY which allows thinking beyond, assess problems, explore solutions, maximises resources, make an honest and open diagnosis of all the parties involved.

10. A true leader takes care of his HEALTH. He knows that good health is the fundamental pillar of his mental, physical and spiritual performance. He knows that good health is an action of love and respect for himself and others around him.

11. A true leader develops EMPATHY. He knows how relevant empathy is to listen and feel others; And that given the moment between being right or being kind, he will always choose kindness to reach reason.

12. A true leader knows that KNOWLEDGE is the best way to better structure his ideas and powerfully transfer all his experience.

Step 1.

Read again, one by one, the key indicators of your Holistic Leadership Self-Assessment.

Step 2.

Evaluate your leadership skills using the 12 key indicators by ranking each one from 0 to 10, where 0 is the most ignored or worst-rated key indicator, and 10 is the most relevant or best-rated key indicator.

Step 3.

Write down your results. E.g. Habits: 23, Strategy: 16, Empathy: 20. Then, add them up by section on your poster.   E.g. Body: 50, Mind: 30,  Soul: 20.

Step 4.

Read the results with the rest of your team and share experiences on how you could improve and balance your key indicators.


More than 100 leaders have self-assessed through this holistic exercise to better understand their performance.

If your indicators are higher in Mind, this is an opportunity to explore new areas of Soul and Body, they both can help you approach problems with more sensitivity.

If your indicators are higher in Soul, it is a call that you can professionalise your experience and update your knowledge. Good intentions are not always enough.

If your indicators are higher in Body, it is an excellent opportunity to apply this self-discipline and self-motivation into your Mind and Soul.

If your indicators are mixed, this is an invitation to connect and find patterns in your life that allow you to keep working on them.


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