Storytelling for Social Leaders

The Storytelling Social Leader

How does it work?

The Storytelling Social Leader is a powerful tool that allows you to build up meaningful and memorable messages. 


The Storytelling Social Leader tool allows you to build memorable and meaningful messages by equalizing emotions levels into 2 quadrants:

Driven by Emotion: People, anecdotes, feelings.

Driven by reason: Facts, data, analytics.


The story is divided into 6 parts:

1. Empathize: Why should they listen to you?

2. Context: How did the problem start?

3. Tension: How is the problem directly affecting us?

4. Understanding: What are the barriers to solve the problem?

5. Resilience: What have we achieved?

6. Call to Action: What can each of us do to make a difference?

Empathize: Why should they listen to you?

Beyond money, people’s attention is a scarcer and very valuable resource, therefore, you should be clear from the beginning on how you should retain their attention.

Use an aspiration, achievement or everyday problem, generate curiosity or amazement, share a shocking fact or figure that connects in everyday life, etc.

Context: How did the problem start?

No single problem is isolated, and the moral authority you have to solve it resides in the ability to explain its history and evolution.

Be direct, use a story, be rigorous with your data & facts, use testimonials.


Tension: How is the problem directly affecting us?

Very few people understand the impact of a problem until it is reflected directly in our lives.

Use examples, break myths, build up connections, challenge mental assumptions and interact with your audience.

Understanding: What are the barriers to solving the problem?

This moment allows you to differentiate yourself from a person who understands only the surface of the problem, from the one who understands the forces and complexities that limit change.

Share data, findings, place your audience in your shoes, make them part of the problem and the solution.


Resilience: What have we achieved?

No one wants to join a lost cause or go home hopeless. Your main goals should be to enlighten, empower, bring hope and future. Share your big achievements, others’ achievements, and small-scale achievements.


Call to Action: What can each of us do to make a difference?

The most crucial, and emotional moment of all. Save your best phrases, share what has made you vibrate and get inspired. Then, trigger action and extend an honest invitation to join your purpose and mission.



Step 1.

Prepare your story in 10 images maximum.

Step 2.

In Team: Establish groups of min. 5 max. 10 people for the 1st round of presentations, each member of the team will have a maximum of 3 minutes to present their story.

Individual: Record your presentation on video from your phone for a maximum of 5 minutes.

After each presentation is finished, rate each other presentation from 0 to 5 following the criteria:

  • – Clear,
  • – Informative,
  • – Exciting,
  • – Impactful

DO NOT give feedback, just evaluate by assigning a number.


Step 3.

After this round, make a break of 10 mins. to reorganize and improve all presentations.

Start the 2nd round, and repeat step 2. After the second presentation, it is time to give feedback.



30 years ago, we imagined that the end of the world would be caused by a nuclear war, that robots would take over the control of our life, that a meteorite would hit the planet. The war did start, but it is not nuclear, it is against our lifestyle.



30 years ago, the scientific community warned us about our insatiable appetite for fossil fuels and how this could create problems.

20 years ago, we were warned that transgressions on wildlife would cause deadly diseases.

And what did just happen?



We increased our consumption by double, we extracted coal and fossils from the ground up and burnt them to fuel our economy; Our animal farming skyrocketed by 500% to satisfy our meat consumption.

We were asked to avoid a planetary catastrophe, we were asked to reduce our emissions by 2% every year. And yet, we ignored it and here we are on the verge of climate collapse, with an 8% reduction as the new target.

The most optimistic scientists have predicted the end of our civilization if we do not drastically change the way we live.



The planet can meet everyone’s needs, but not everyone’s greed. By 2050 the population will be 9 billion. It took humanity 200 thousand years to reach its first billion, and only 200 to reach 9 billion.

We are the last generation that can do something to recover our mother earth, with just one small change in our lifestyle: Eat Healthily.



Just by reducing your meat consumption by 50%, you could save up to 10,000 trees.

By just eating seasonal fruits and vegetables you could save 10,000 km2 of land every month and the home of hundreds of species.

Do you think this is difficult? Not at all!

I thought the same, I was in that chair with you, in the same uncomfortable situation, but I promise you, it takes only 30 days to feel yourself better, with more energy, more concentration but above all, happier with yourself and the planet.


Call to Action.

You have the power today to condemn the next generations to war, famine and collapse, or let your grandchildren enjoy swimming in a lake or visiting the sea.

You have the power to erase 200 species that will become extinct today alone, or give your grandchildren’s a beautiful tour through the forest to spot birds.

Do you want to join? Visit us at



Having a powerful solution and an audience willing to listen will have little effect if you don’t build a powerful message.

On the other hand, powerful messages without a powerful solution and an audience will end up being unsustainable in the short term. Being ready for success means having a powerful solution, an audience willing to listen to you and a powerful message.

Build a powerful message is crucial for connecting your idea to an audience.

Storytelling is a unique tool able to create powerful messages to a large audience by providing:

– Information

– Emotion

– Impact

1. Leadership Self-Assessment. How can assess my leadership skills and capabilities?

2. Finding your purpose (Ikigai + Golden Circle). How can I find and link my purpose with the purpose of my project?

3. Social Innovation Matrix. How can explore problems and possible solutions? 

4. Humanity Development Goals. How can we work with development more holistically?

5. Social Intervention Frame. What is the best intervention to solve a problem?

6. Social Contract. How can design and model a social innovation project?

7. The Social Innovation Canvas. How can design and model a social innovation project?

8. Impact Investor Matrix. How do the investors measure impact on projects?

9. Social Economy. How can I finance my  project beyond traditional financing models?

10. Types of Funding. How can I find the best types of funding for my project?

11. Activist Journey. How can I build a movement to solve a social problem?

12. The Social Leader Storytelling. How can I build a powerful and meaningful message for my project?

13. Kite Customer Relationship Management CRM. How can I sell and raise funds for my project?

14. Team Values. How can I build trust among my stakeholder?

15. Recruitment Venn. How can I attract, keep and communicate with the best team for my project?

16. Productivity Board. How can I work more efficiently if I don´t have a clear work process?

17. OKRs. How can I work more efficiently if I already have work process?

18. Decision-Making. How can I discuss and make better decisions with my team

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